Saturday, May 2, 2015

Memories 2014

Kyra's 2nd Birthday

Milo's baby Blessing

Kyra in Texas Bluebonnets

Easter 2014

Loren at Graduation

Mother's day 2014

Adoption Day July 2014

Trip to California 2014

Halloween 2014

At the Park

Thanksgiving 2014

Sealing of Kyra to us in the Dallas Temple

Christmas 2014

Monday, April 27, 2015

Memories from 2013

Kyra at 13 months

Christmas in March:

Kyra 13 months photo

Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Sunday 2013:

Kyra at her cousin's birthday party:

Family Time in Dallas:

Trip to South Padre:

Visit from Grandparents:

Sarah's Family:

4th of July:

Trip to the Zoo:

Loren's Bday:

JP, football:

Welcome to Sarah's nephew:

A pic from Kyra's photo shoot:

Christmas fun 2013

John Paul's Birthday:

Christmas Day 2013

Winter Weather:

Catch you later!